How We Work

MCM Sports is unique in that we come to you to find out what you need.  It is our goal to take all of the guess work out of your order so you can continue to focus on your work, sport, or event.  We travel with a variety of custom sports clothing and art examples to make your choices easy.  We then take your information and create a custom order form for you to use with your team if you choose.  We will even collect and process those orders on your chosen due date!  While all of this is happening, we are taking your art ideas and creating the ideal logo for your items.  Once we receive the art from our specialists, we send it to you for approval or revisions. Now that the order and the art have come together, we really go to work getting the logo on the items, checking and double-checking and delivering the finished product to you as quickly as possible!  We really strive to make this as simple a process as we can.  We even provide sizing samples to ensure everyone orders the correct size.

  • Find out what our client needs: apparel, hard goods, art, etc.

  • Review product choices with client either in person or via snail mail or e-mail.

  • Client selects their samples from our wide array of product offerings.

  • Client then receives samples along with any charts needed to choose clothes, ink, and/or thread colors.

  • Client finalizes their sample selections.

  • Selection of size options based on product type.

  • Using the client's ideas MCM Sports generates custom artwork.

  • Custom artwork is forwarded to the client with desired colors, art size, and position on product.

  • Client approves or makes changes to the artwork.  Approval of artwork includes the art itself, spelling, colors, and layout.

  • If the product is embroidered apparel then a sew out is run for final approval.

  • Once final approval is obtained from the client MCM Sports runs the job.

  • MCM Sports then delivers or ships the product, or the client can pick the product up at the MCM offices.

  • The Customer pays in full or has an account set up with MCM Sports and is billed accordingly (some orders may require 1/2 of a deposit before being ordered)

We make our process as simple as possible. We find out what you want and put it where you want it! Our sales staff will come to you and find out what your needs are. We bring you many different samples and ideas to help. Then our artists go to work with your ideas. They can design, alter, or just plain copy any ideas you may have. We take great pride in our work and stay with your job from start to finish. It is our goal to provide you with all you need to get your ideas brought to life.